Leisuretime is a coach holiday tour operator based in Cardiff and operating across South Wales. The company's objective was to offer competitively priced coach holidays across the UK and Europe, including tourist hotspots like Torquay, Blackpool, France and Italy.

Our job over the years included business support and digital marketing. From large scale projects such as re-designing the website that utilised a custom backend to overseeing the day-to-day digital marketing, we covered all bases.

In our time working with the company, we helped to consolidate and increase many of their channels and expand the audience and reach of their marketing channels in a way that hadn't been achieved previously.

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  • 2015-2020
  • Leisuretime
  • Digital Content Management

We helped to rejuvenate and manage their website (which was powered by Roeville Reservation Software), allowing it to become a much better e-commerce shopfront for the customer. We simplified the checkout process as much as possible and used A/B testing to perfect the performance.

We also completely refreshed the social media output, creating bespoke content with over 50 unique pieces of social media content a week and managing all the engagement. These could range from holiday deals and customer engagement images to bespoke designs, including video content.

We also worked on SEO improvement strategies and managed a substantial advertising account, spreading the spend successfully across PPC and Display advertising via Google and Bing and social media promotion via Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. This delivered tremendous success to the company, increasing brand awareness and delivering increased sales year on year.


online sales increase


website traffic increase


Facebook audience increase


local audience reach