Busking was a music-based television programme exploring musicians busking on the streets of Cardiff, with interviews and performances from a range of musicians of all ages. With acts playing a range of instruments and styles, with covers and original compositions, there was a real mix of stories and musical tastes suitable for all ages.

The show was Broadcast on Made in Cardiff and the broader Made TV franchise from July 14th 2015, originally slated for 6 weeks but soon expanded to 13 episodes in the prime time 9 pm slot on a Friday. The show was a further smash hit locally and was our most successful show with the network and continued our successful relationship with Made TV.

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  • Jul - Sep 2015
  • Made Television
  • Television Show

Busking was a production of our own design that was commissioned in mid-2015 to produce a television show for Made in Cardiff TV. After our previous successful shows, we looked for a new area of musical talent to explore. As passionate supporters of local artists, and the brilliant atmosphere they bring to the streets, we wanted to showcase their talents and support what they do.

The show was an excellent chance to approach a large variety of artists on the streets, allow them to perform both original compositions that express their lives and feelings and covers that mean so much to the performers, as well as allowing us to interview the artists and try to get to know them personally, as local performers.

The show was shot in the Summer of 2015 in Cardiff and allowed us to capture the city of Cardiff in all it's beauty, which allowed us to showcase these great performers in the perfect Cardiff sun with great landscapes.

We were able to work with a variety of amazing local acts including Genevieve Gyseman, Sean O'Brien, Florslava, Houdini Dax, Georgina Davey, Tobias Robertson, Kirk Morgan, Owain Hughes and many many more.




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