Age of Outrage

Age of Outrage is a new comedy that takes a quizzical, sceptical and humorous look at modern life. With a variety of sketches the programme pokes fun at the frustrations of life in the digital age.

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Producer Phillip Moss
Assistant Producer Jack Browse
  • 21/02/2020
  • BBC One Wales / Small and Clever Productions
  • Television Show

"The most popular and successful TV comedy show* featuring a sketch based in a bakers' shop. Providing fodder for internet trolls since February 2020. With Miriam 'two bread rolls please' Isaac, Geraint Rhys 'too many characters' Edwards, Zak ‘thinking’ Ghazi-Torbati and Mali ‘sourdough’ Tudno-Jones. Featuring a special appearance by 'Godfather of Gunge' Dave Benson-Phillips. *(of 2020)."

Newly commissioned for BBC One Wales, Age of Outrage was a great opportunity yo showcase some of the amazing comedy talent in Wales and bring some fresh new ideas to the table. Working with Small and Clever Productions, our very own Jack Browse was one of the driving forces behind bringing Age of Outrage to the screen - from casting and scriptwriting, through the whole filming process to working on the final edit.

Age of Outrage was a smash success, with the so called "bakery sketch" gathering massive momentum online and being viewed over 35 million times, a viral sensation for the BBC. It also showcased the amazing talent of the cast on prime time UK television, with a promising exciting future ahead.


million views online






litres of gunge